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Pisum sativum ‘Sugar Magnolia’

Posted under Vegetables by Bigfoot on July 27th, 2014

2014_06_23_1321 - Pisum sativum 'Sugar Magnolia' 2014_06_23_1322 - Pisum sativum 'Sugar Magnolia'

The sugar snap pea ‘Sugar Magnolia’ with it’s purple pod and green peas inside.

Mirabilis multiflora

Posted under Perennial by Bigfoot on July 20th, 2014

2014_06_23_1331 - Mirabilis multiflora

Blooms of Mirabilis multiflora

Petunia x hybrida ‘Sophistica Blackberry’

Posted under Annual by Bigfoot on July 13th, 2014

2014_06_23_1332 - Petunia x hybrida 'Sophistica Blackberry'

A nice dark colored petunia.

Hyles lineata

Posted under Insects by Bigfoot on July 6th, 2014

2014_06_23_1328 - Hyles lineata 01 2014_06_23_1330 - Hyles lineata 02

White-lined Sphinx (Hyles lineata) on Mirabilis multiflora.  Looks like some mulberries on that leaf, dare you to eat them.