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Pisum sativum ‘Cascadia’ harvest

Posted under Vegetables by Bigfoot on March 30th, 2014

2014_03_27 - 1137 - Pisum sativum 'Cascadia' 2014_03_27 - 1143 - Pisum sativum 'Cascadia'


Planting Date:  12/28/13

First Harvest 3/27/14

89 days for two little pea pods with only one having two full size peas.  Just not meant for growing inside.  They just take too much room to get any substantial harvest.


Posted under Seedlings by Bigfoot on March 15th, 2014

Various Seedlings:

2014_03_15_1130 - Potentilla 'Melton Fire'

Potentilla ‘Melton Fire’

2014_03_15_1131 - Teucrium hyrcanicum

Teucrium hyrcanicum

2014_03_15_1133 - Ipomsis rubra

Ipomsis rubra

2014_03_15_1134 - Kniphofia uvaria

Kniphofia uvaria

2014_03_15_1135 - Mentzelia decapetala

Mentzelia decapetala


Posted under Vegetables by Bigfoot on March 2nd, 2014

2014_03_02_1056 - Brassicas


Here is my little Brassica seedlings of various cabbages and related groups.  The one in the foreground is Brassica oleracea var. capitata ‘Caraflex’.