Bigfoot Willow


Short-term Instructions for the Bigfoot Hybrid Willow

When you receive your Bigfoot Hybrid Willows, place them in a bucket of water for a day and then plant them after that.

If you are not ready to plant them, they can sit in water for a while. So place them somewhere cool, so they aren't trying to grow, but stay in a suspended state.

When planting your Bigfoot Willow Hybrid 6' staff cuttings, make sure you plant them how they originally grew and not upside down. Place them in a hole that is a foot deep and give them a good soaking after planting them(plant the 8' stakes a couple feet deep).

One of the most beneficial things you can do is put a deep mulch layer around your newly planted Bigfoot willow hybrid cuttings, which helps with weed control and conserving moisture.

Make sure there is no sod or weeds growing within a 3' circle around them. If competing plants are not controlled, your Bigfoot Willow Hybrid growth will suffer and not live up to its potential of very fast growth rates.

Tilled Bed

Depending on the amount of rainfall and type of soil, a general guideline is to water these willow hybrids a couple times a week in their first year.

If your soil is average or below average fertility, you can also start fertilizing these fast growing trees a couple times their first summer, so they grow even faster.

By fall, your Bigfoot Hybrid Willows should be over 10' tall.

Short Term