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8' Bigfoot Hybrid Willow Stakes

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Bigfoot Hybrid Willow stakes are 8' long. In moist soil, this fast growing tree can be pushed down into the soil. In drier soils, using an auger/posthole digger to a 2' planting depth works well and these willow hybrid trees will stand 6' tall. Under heavy deer populations, you may still need to protect these fast growing stake cuttings early on. But under typical deer populations, these Bigfoot Hybrid Willows will have grown above the deer browse level quite quickly. The only thing you may have to worry about is bucks rubbing your willow hybrids in the fall. Usually when planted separately, these fast growing trees seem a lot more vulnerable. So I don't see a lot of problems with deer when utilizing these hybrid willow trees for large plantings, such as windbreak or privacy screen.

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