Bigfoot Willow

The photo shows when I planted a bundle of 10 Bigfoot Willow Hybrid stakes during the drought of 2012. I planted these Bigfoot Hybrid Willow trees on a hill with a late plant time of June 16th. When planting in situations like this, my short term instructions become more critical for a successful planting. All ten of the Bigfoot Willow Hybrid cuttings leafed out and grew during the drought since I gave them a good mulch layer and watered them 2 times a week during the very hot months of June and July. By August and September, I averaged about once a week watering and had stopped watering them in early October when it got cold. As recommended in my instructions, I also fertilized them. Even though there was a drought and these fast growing trees were planted in late spring and on a dry hill, they were still able to average 3 to 5 feet of fast growth.